Price List

String Gauge Price* Comment
Prince Nylon 15 $18.00 Durable Nylon
Prince Synthetic Gut 16 $22.00 Good Playability
Gamma Synthetic Gut 16/17 $22.00 Good Playability
Prince Topspin 15 $23.00 Textured for Spin
Wilson Sensation 16 $23.00 Excellent Feel
Gamma Ruff 16 $24.00 Textured for Spin
Polyester 16 $25.00 Very Durable
Poly Hybrid 16 $24.00 Durable
Pro-Blend 16 $24.00 Durable
Gamma TNT 16/17 $27.00 Superb Playability
Wilson NXT 16 $30.00 Gut-Like
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 16L $30.00 #1 String on Pro Tour
Luxilon Hybrid (choose synth.) 16L $29.00 Playability/Durable
Labor Rate: Stringing $15.00 (If string provided)
Grommets $8.00 (If provided)
Grips $4.00 (If provided)
Over Grips $2.00 (If provided)



Mike Oransky Tennis is pleased to announce that we a great Playmate ball machine IMG_20731available for rent! Using the ball machine is a great way to work on specific strokes, consistency, foot movement, or just have a solid workout.

The ball machine has the following features:

  • 300 ball capacity
    Variable topspin and backspin
    Electronic height control
    Oscillation side to side
    Remote control on/off switch
    And much more…

Among the best of these features is the option for the user to program the machine to feed a series of different shots. There are many options and drills to choose from and if you’re feeling like a pro, you can adjust the speed dial to receive ground-strokes or volleys up to 80 mph!

Patrons can reserve the ball machine up to 24 hours in advance for use at any time (8:30am to 8:00pm daily) based on court availability. In addition, we have created several ball machine purchase plans to choose from:

See your game improve by signing up now!

Ball Machine Club Rates

  • Individual Family
  • Monthly $47.70 $63.60
  • Quarterly $132.50 $148.40
  • Yearly $212 $249.10

All rates include tax. Family includes parents and children 18 and under.

Ball Machine Non-Member Rates

  • 1/2 hour rental $8
  • 1 hour rental $12

Please make checks payable to Mike Oransky Tennis.

Reservation Policy

  • Ball Machine Club Members may use the machine as long as a court or the ball machine is available.
  • Members have access to the ball machine for up to one hour/day each day of the week.
  • Members may call and reserve the ball machine.

Our staff will gladly set up the machine for you and demonstrate how it can be used.